Double Single

by Poppies

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released September 22, 2016

Recorded, engineered & produced by Hunter Davidsohn at Business District Recording - Johnson City, NY

Mixed by Hunter Davidsohn (BDR) & Carlos Hernandez at Gravesend Recordings - Brooklyn, NY

Mastered by Josh Bonati at Bonati Mastering - Brooklyn, NY

Artwork by Ian

Poppies is May, Ian, Keith & TV Stevie



all rights reserved


Poppies New York, New York


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Track Name: Egghead
Can't do that much but you do what you can
Your fate is in your own weak hands
Grip it too tightly you're fighting quicksand
But you do what you can

Cosmic cocoa treats we chew half a ton
I haven't been this high since prom
I forget what to do and how it's done

Speed to slow
Fish eyed fool
Stupid tired
Nodding my head like I know

Rhyme never said Humpty Dumpty's an egg someone drew him that way in your head

Too much to do but you do what you can
Do what I did do it all again
Grip it too tightly the bones break and then

I need a little treat and a soliloquy it's always just this one time
I drag my feet to the bed where I sleep, sleep away all the day into night
Ears clogged from good and practical advice

I don't know
I forgot
Maybe I lost it
Maybe it just got lost

I don't have it in me grow cold then go friendly and there's no there there for me
Track Name: Mistakes
I stand in a line
And I think of all the times that maybe you were right
Maybe you were right

Slounge around on a Sunday
‘Cause sloppy slurping was all of Saturday night
Gave the day to last night

I can see the mistakes as I’m making them
I can feel the heartbreak as I’m breaking him

Squeeze the cut on my finger
Isn’t it cool how cuts heal themselves up ‘cause time
Happens all the time

You doubted my doubt? I doubt it
Well no doubt there is no doubt this time
You crossed your own line

I can feel the mistakes as I’m making them
I can see the heartbreak as it breaks in him

Dig it up before roots can grow out from the seed
It’s too late, chop it up but weeds aren’t so easy
‘Cause you call it a weed